The Open Door Podcast: Episode 5

The Open Door: Episode 5

Piers Morgan thinks that all gun owners are secretly Tom Cruise, Newtown wants armed guards in their schools, MSNBC is run by a bunch of lying liars, and Putin wants more unprotected sex while Sandra Fluke thinks that sex is comparable to leukemia, which begs the question from one of our hosts of “What kind of sex has she been having?!”


Relevant Links

Facebook alternative for conservatives: Tea Party Community

MSNBC is selectively editing again: Faking It @ Dirty Sex and Politics

Armed guard stops Atlanta school shooter as Newtown Schools request more officers

Newtown Board of Ed. Adopts NRA Initiative, Wants More Armed Police At Schools

Ben Howe: Why I Love Twitter

The one thing Putin wants Russians to do like Americans

Saudi Cleric Calls for Burkas For Baby Girls – So They Won’t Be So Tempting


2 thoughts on “The Open Door Podcast: Episode 5

  1. Just listened to your podcast… You can put me down as one of your 10s of listeners. May I suggest that you make your link a little more obvious or use the PodOmatic embed. Also, get this thing on Stitcher.

    You made me look up defenestrate. I like forward to trying to get this one in an everyday conversation. Of course, no podcast is complete without a discussion of boobquakes.

    • Wow! Thanks!
      As for Podomatic, we’ve had limited luck with getting the embed function to actually work on wordpress. I (the producer) am working on it, but I’ve sort of been winging it, as I’ve never produced a podcast before.

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